Pureed Parsnips 3-4 large parsnips1-2 tbsp non-dairy spread such as Earth Balance Olive Oil1-2 tbsp unsweetened almond milksalt + pepper Boil parsnips until tender/soft. (When you stick a knife in them it should come right out.) In a blender or pot using an immersion blender, add non-dairy spread, almond milk, salt and pepper. Blend to desired consistency. For creamier consistency, add more butter or almond milk.

Apple Pie Juice If you have a sweet tooth, this is the juice for you! It’s sweet and really reminiscent of an actual apple pie! Aside from that, it come packed with vitamins B,C, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. 1 Sweet Potato2 Carrots2 Red Apples1 Orange1 Dash Pumpkin Pie Spice 1. Wash all ingredients2. Peel orange and sweet potato3. Add all ingredients through juicer4. Top with a dash of pumpkin pie spice and enjoy!