I have had a decent-sized gap in my teeth my entire life.  It was ok, but when I realized what a game-changer veneers were going to be for my smile, it was an absolute no-brainer!  Not only did I have a gap, but I used to grind my teeth, so they were short little guys, and it was really a matter of time before I kept wearing them down shorter and shorter.  No bueno. Here’s my before: So, then came the decision for veneers!  Both exciting and terrifying all at once because when I was little I had some dental work done that required filling a cavity…well, while doing that, the anesthetic wore off, but my dentist didn’t believe me and continued to work! It was excruciating, and ever since then I have had a hard time getting to the dentist.  It was just terrifying.   Until I met my…